The Right Start Devotional (Download)

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Here is a wonderful 120 day devotional to help you start each day, by giving yourself and your workout over to God. He created you, so why not include Him in everything you do, including your physical workout!
The Right Start Devotional covers:

  • 30 Days of ENCOURAGEMENT
  • 30 Days of ENDURANCE
  • 30 Days of PRAISE


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On average,   every 24 hours, your heart beats  103,680 times, your blood circulates throughout  your entire body every 23 seconds and will travel  43 million miles. Every day you breathe 23,000 times and inhale over 438 cubic feet of air. You perspire two pounds of water and that’s without  exercise.   To maintain a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees of heat you will generate 450 tons of energy.  You will use 750 muscles and use 7,000,000 brain cells.

Begin each day,  by giving yourself and your workout over to God.  He created you, so why not  include Him.  The prayer doesn’t need to be long  and theological, simply talk to Him.  He’s listening.  

Invite Him to be a part of your workout and your day.