Reproducible – Reasonably Sound – Whimsical – Biblically Sound – Grade Level Appropriate

Do you need something new and refreshing for your children’s church, Sunday School program, or home school? VALUable Bible Tools has just what you need as reasonably priced, downloadable, re-printable books and activities. We’ve chosen 16 Old Testament, and 16 New Testament Bible characters and have created age appropriate, whimsical, activities for children 4 to 12 years old. Basic dot-to-dot, mazes, word problems and more are covered in VALUable Bible Tools Activity books.
Then, VALUable Bible Tools Math activities introduce basic, grade level math activities incorporated in word puzzles that are fun and challenging to young minds. ALL of this and more, including the ability to purchase one book and duplicate it for your class needs.
If you are incorporate drama in your church, check out VALUable Bible Tools Old Testament Plays. Biblically sound plays can involve the whole church in a visual Bible study.
Order now for a hard copy book or for immediate download to your computer in E-Book format.

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